Jean-Michel Basquiat

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Vincent van Gogh - Skull with a Burning Cigarette, 1885-86. Oil on canvas

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Edge of Desire - John Mayer

The most beautiful John Mayer song ever written. “Edge of Desire could be the only song I ever will hear for the rest of my life, and I’d be okay with that.


Someone’s probably in love with you right now, even though you think you’re boring and stupid and smell bad most of the time, someone probably saw you last week and wiped their sweaty hands on the insides of their pockets and thought about your body under your clothing and about how you would look asleep in their bed

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The Girl From Ipanema - Frank Sinatra

But each day when she walks to the sea, she looks straight ahead, not at me.


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Mario Götze, happy to win the World Cup.